No-Fault Insurance Does Not Mean No Danger of Being Found Liable

Just about every driver in New York will be involved in at least one accident over the course of their driving career. Most such incidents result in relatively little damage, with scratched paint and dented bumpers being the most common results. A substantial portion of collisions, though, do result in injuries to at least some involved, with an unfortunate number also causing death every year. Whatever the exact nature of the problem, it is almost always a good idea for those involved to seek counsel from the best injury lawyers that can be found.

Some drivers in New York fail to appreciate this fact, and for an understandable reason. Given that the no-fault insurance system in New York means that many minor injuries are covered by a driver’s own insurer, it can seem like getting in touch with a lawyer might not be necessary at all.


This is rarely the case, however. Virtually every law firm that takes on personal injury cases will offer free consultations to those who have been involved in accidents, so drivers normally pay for this perspective with nothing but a bit of their time. That alone means that opportunities for a more satisfactory resolution of a particular case can be found virtually free of charge in this way, but it is only part of the overall equation.

The fact is that, even when it seems like the no-fault rules will cover the whole of the damage caused in an accident, things can change quickly and fundamentally. The story another driver tells at the scene of an accident can easily evolve over time, whether in terms of assignment of blame or the extent of the injuries that are reported. Simply assuming that no-fault laws will prevent the aftermath of an accident from becoming contentious can easily prove to be an expensive mistake.

The best law firms will help their clients steer clear of such potential pitfalls. With plenty of experience handling cases of this kind, the lawyers at firms like Jeff S Korek can recognize issues that laypersons will not. That kind of counsel can turn out to be the difference between escaping from an accident with no lasting scars and ending up on the hook for far too much in the way of damages. Since it generally only takes a quick visit to a site like to arrange for this kind of advice, just about every driver who ends up in an accident should probably do so.